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Bird, aka that scooter company, is launching its own e-bike

Unlike the Bird scooters, this is a bike you buy outright and keep.

The Bird bike is available in a step-over or step-through frame design to accommodate a variety of rider sizes.

Remember Bird scooters? You know, those electric first-mile/last-mile scooters that you could rent by the minute? Well, if you don't live in a city where the company has a presence, you might be surprised to know that it survived COVID and indeed is getting ready to debut an e-bike that you can buy, according to a report published Thursday by TechCrunch.

The bike is called the "Bird bike," and it will be available on Thursday in any color you want (as long as it's gray or black) for a starting price of $2,299. It won't be available everywhere initially, only in select markets. Which select markets? We don't know, because Bird hasn't announced that yet, though it hopes to have the bike available at retailers across the country by this fall.

The Bird bike has a 12.8 amp-hour battery and will provide pedal assistance up to 20 miles per hour. Bird claims a range of around 50 miles per charge, and the bike will be available with either a step-through or a step-over frame, which should help make the bike more accessible to more riders.

Also along for the ride are built-in lights, which are controllable via an app, and an LCD screen that provides all the relevant data a rider could want, such as speed and battery charge. It seems like a reasonably comprehensive package and looks cool too, but the initial run of bikes is limited, so move fast if you want one.

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