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Best Spray Car Wax for 2022

With so many options, choosing the right wax for your car can be a daunting task. Make your choice easier with our top picks on spray car wax.

Sean Szymkowski
It all started with Gran Turismo. From those early PlayStation days, Sean was drawn to anything with four wheels. Prior to joining the Roadshow team, he was a freelance contributor for Motor Authority, The Car Connection and Green Car Reports. As for what's in the garage, Sean owns a 2016 Chevrolet SS, and yes, it has Holden badges.
Sean Szymkowski
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Trying to find the best spray wax that will provide lasting shine for your vehicle's exterior can be frustrating. Spray wax can help keep your car looking fresh in between washes, while protecting it from the elements -- like rain and dirt. But with so many options, how can you know which spray will be best for you and your car?

I've tested tons of different waxes so you can easily find one that works for your needs, and add some shine and a little protection to your car's paint. The best spray car wax can save you time and cut the work in half, while giving your car the shiny and clean appearance you want. That said, it's important to understand that even the best spray car wax can't truly replace traditional car waxes, such as paste wax or liquid wax. Still, the best spray wax can make your auto's paint job dazzle.

Read on for our top picks for best spray car wax, and stick around for tips to keep your paint job looking its best.

Turtle Wax

We listed this guy in our Best Car Waxes for 2022 roundup, but since we're specifically talking about spray waxes here, Turtle Wax's ICE Spray Wax needs another callout. It's a mighty affordable synthetic wax and provides such a wonderful result for the price that it's hard to pass up. This Turtle Wax spray is probably not on the same level as Meguiar's product, but it's another solid synthetic car wax spray option you should try to shine your car's paint.

Griot's Garage

Honestly, this one was a toss-up because Griot's Garage and Chemical Guys' carnauba spray waxes are both really great. We think CG's does a slightly better job on a paint job, and it's also the same price as the Griot's Garage product. But, both of them stick with lots of carnauba for that butter-slick car surface feeling after you're finished.

Comparison of the best spray waxes for 2022

Best spray car wax overall Shine ArmorLiquid Spray Car Wax$20
Best spray car wax overall runner-up Adam'sSpray Wax$15
Best cheap spray car wax Meguiar'sGold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax$9
Best cheap spray car wax runner-up Turtle WaxICE Spray Wax$12
Best carnauba spray car wax Chemical GuysBlazin' Banana Spray Wax$15
Best carnauba spray car wax runner-up Griot's GarageBest of Show Spray Wax$15
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Meguiar's Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax is affordable and leaves a good shine job on a car's finish.


Tips for using spray wax

  • Don't confuse spray wax for a quick detailer: They're two very different products. Spray waxes are (mostly) meant for after a car wash on a clean car, while quick detailers often work on dirty paint. They have different missions, so use them accordingly to shine cars.
  • Keep out of the sun: Just like traditional liquid car wax and paste wax, using spray wax in the sun is a recipe for a bad time. The heat from direct sunlight can bake the product into paint before you get a chance to wipe it off just right.
  • Clean microfiber towels are the way to go: Make sure you swap out microfiber towels if you pick up dirt in any place. You don't want to rub dirt on your clear coat with a gunky microfiber cloth, do you? Of course not.
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You'll have butter-slick car surface feeling after using Griot's Garage Best of Show Spray Wax.

Griot's Garage

Save time and shine on with CNET-approved picks

Spray car waxes are a wonderful addition to your car detailing arsenal, and none of these products listed above are poor choices. Pick your favorite and we hope to save you time and keep your car paint looking great.

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