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Best Wheel Brush for 2022

Keep your car's wheels clean with the best wheel brush to get the job done.

Sean Szymkowski
It all started with Gran Turismo. From those early PlayStation days, Sean was drawn to anything with four wheels. Prior to joining the Roadshow team, he was a freelance contributor for Motor Authority, The Car Connection and Green Car Reports. As for what's in the garage, Sean owns a 2016 Chevrolet SS, and yes, it has Holden badges.
Sean Szymkowski
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The right wheel cleaner also requires the perfect wheel brush to make cleaning your rims of dirt, grime and brake dust a breeze. There is a wide variety of options out there that can help you get into tight spaces in your wheel wells and ensure that every lug nut gets cleaned.

Not sure where to start when you want a clean car wheel? No worries. Here at CNET Cars we have experience with a lot of wheel brushes and we have our favorites to share with you. Check out our top picks for the best car wheel brush below, and don't forget to read on for a few wheel cleaning tips afterward.


Wheel brushes with bristles were often the go-to tool years ago, but with so many new types of materials, they're not nearly as popular. We certainly prefer something like a microfiber cleaning material, but if you want to go this route, the Takuvu Master Wheel Brush is a good choice. The only complaint we have is the top cap was a little loose, which protects the wheel from unintended scratches. Otherwise, it's a solid and cheaper wheel-cleaning brush.


Cheap doesn't mean poor quality, and with Viking's Wheel and Rim Brush under $10, this little tool does a wonderful job to scrub off grime, brake dust and dirt. No, this cleaning brush doesn't bend and you can't remove the microfiber material to wash it later, but for the price it does a swell job.

Comparison of the best wheel brushes for 2022

Best wheel brushBrandNamePrice
Overall WoollyWormitWheel Brush$30
Overall runner-up BrushDepotSynthetic Wool Wheel Brush$13
With Bristles TakuvuMaster Wheel Brush$14
Cheap VikingWheel and Rim Brush$8
Combo 3WWheel and Tire Brush kit$20

Tips for cleaning wheels

  • Use a separate bucket: Don't dip your wheel brush into the same bucket you used to wash the entire car. You could take dirt or other debris from that bucket and potentially scratch your wheels.
  • Replace a brush often: If you don't get a wheel brush with a removable pad to wash as needed, definitely replace a brush often. After so many uses, the brush isn't going to do its job well enough.
  • Pick the right brush for your wheels: There are oodles of wheel designs and they can be easier, or more difficult, to clean. A wheel with lots of spokes will be a more intricate job, while chunkier wheels may not need too much elbow grease. Consider this when choosing a wheel brush.
  • Pair a great brush with a good cleaner: Have a look at our picks for the best wheel cleaner and create an unstoppable wheel-cleaning duo!

Enjoy sparkling-clean wheels

With the right wheel cleaner brush, you'll have wonderfully clean wheels to rock on your ride of choice. Remember, wheels are like your car's shoes: They can complete the look! So keep them clean with our top wheel brush choices.