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Best Kids' Electric Cars for 2022

If you're a mere mortal like us, then these plastic-fantastic supercars are as close as you or your kids are likely to get to the real thing.

CNET Cars staff
5 min read
$400 at Moderno
Ford Mustang by Moderno
Keep baby away from car shows
$350 at Amazon
Mercedes Actros racing semi by Costzon
For your weirdo budding car journalist kid
$228 at Amazon
Bugatti Divo by Dakott
Because the real Bugatti Baby is $40,000
$280 at Amazon
Lamborghini Sian by Tobbi
Billionaire doors for baby
$160 at Amazon
Mercedes 300SL roadster by Costzon
For old souls with single-digit ages
$250 at Amazon
Jeep Wrangler by Costzon
For future Emme Hall wanna-bes
$270 at Amazon
Mercedes-Benz Maybach G650s Landaulet by Costzon
For the future fabulous and presently precocious
$455 at Amazon
McLaren 720s by Modern-Depo
For baby's first track day
$200 at Amazon
Tractor by Tobbi
For your future farmer

It doesn't matter what age you are, cars are exciting for just about everyone. Even kids who won't be driving for years love cars, which is why ride-on electric cars have become so popular. These battery-operated vehicles are a fun and easy to use and the best way to share your passion for cars with the pint-sized drivers in your life. That is, unless you're already independently wealthy and have plans to raise the next Lewis Hamilton by financing their karting career. However, not all of these tiny vehicles are created equal, which is why we've rounded up the best ride-on cars for kids available in 2022. 

Ride-on toys have graduated beyond the Power Wheel toys of yore. In fact, they're cheaper and offer way more choices for gearhead parents, be they Jeepers, Bugatti enthusiasts, budding farmers or TikTok celebs. Seriously, there's one for every small human or animal out there who can't reach the foot pedal of a full-size version but who's graduated from their little yellow-and-red push car. However, with so many electric cars for kids, how's a parent to choose?

That's where we come in. We've compiled a list of the best kids' electric cars out there, taking into consideration things like safety features, maximum rider weight (if you have an older kid), rechargeable battery, seat belt, adjustable seat, whether or not the car comes with a parental remote control (for younger kids) and so much more. Some of these even have LED headlights. So if you've got kids (or cats -- and if it's cats, please send videos) who are ready to wheel around in a smooth ride, we're sure to have what you're looking for on this list. Keep reading for all of the best kids' electric cars and let your kids ride away into the sunset.


People love the Ford Mustang and it's easy to see why. It's great-looking, fast and generally good to drive. It's also an attainable sports car that offers a lot for the money. That's not all that dissimilar from this tiny, plastic electric Mustang. It's affordable and unlike some other ride-ons, it has a leather(like) seat. Plus, it's pink -- and pink is a pretty good color for a Mustang. We can't attest to this electric vehicle's levels of traction, though, so try and keep your offspring from spinning out into a curb in front of a cars-and-coffee, if possible. This 12-volt ride on car comes with an MP3 player, Bluetooth, FM radio, a leather seat and LED lights.


Nobody should race semi-trucks -- or at least that's what you'd think until you saw them caned around a road course or up a hillclimb. Then, like us journalists, you'd be obsessed with the weird racing subculture that has people adding big wings and more power to giant diesel semi trucks that look ready to roll over in any turn. Previously, if you wanted to get in on the semi racing action, you'd have to go to Europe or Pikes Peak or something, but now you can buy this Mercedes Actros racing truck ride-on for your kid (who is also hopefully a weirdo) and let them tear around your cul de sac at maximum attack.


The Bugatti Divo is meant to be the "sports car" version of the already silly-fast Chiron, and while it's unlikely that you will get behind the wheel of one of the exceedingly limited and eye-wateringly expensive hypercars, thankfully you can live vicariously through your progeny as they careen around your driveway at nowhere-near-nosebleed-inducing speeds. Seriously -- this is a cool electric car toy, and I'm kind of jealous.


Perhaps you and your bambino are looking for a slightly more Italiano experience, one where the backward hand wave thing that your kid picked up God knows where doesn't seem quite so weird or off-putting. In that (very specific) case, the Lamborghini Sian may be the right ride-on electric car for you and your famiglia.

And be sure to activate the instant coupon on the product page for $15 off. 


So three-wheeled novelty transportation and hypercars aren't your kid's thing? Maybe they have an old soul or were just born with a level of class and sophistication far outsizing their tiny body. In that case, there's the Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster ride-on with an electric foot pedal, steering wheel, safety belt and working headlights.. Sure, you can complain about the lack of a gullwing model, but frankly, do you want to be responsible for what happens when it inevitably breaks with your kid stuck inside? I didn't think so.


What if your progeny is shaping up to be a budding Emme Hall? Maybe they want something rugged and rough terrain capable-looking. Well, of course the ride-on market has you covered here as well. This fully fake-mall-crawl-accessory-clad (seriously, look at those angry eyebrows!) Jeep Wrangler should absolutely get your kiddo practicing their Jeep wave in no time. And you can save $14 by activating the instant coupon on the product page.

*Emme Hall-style hair not included.


Is your human child a budding Tik-Tok star? Are they already looking at overpriced empty mansions to rent in Los Angeles? Are they possibly destined to be social media maven of CNET Cars, Daniel Golson, or the future head of a global petrochemical empire? If they are any of those, then the only reasonable option for them when it comes to a ride-on is a Mercedes Maybach G650s.


What about you, person-who-only-wears-F1-merch and who is obsessed with shaving another few tenths off of Junior's first hot laps? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. Meet the questionably licensed McLaren 720s ride-on. Even with its polarizing headlights, it's one of the best looking McLarens available today, so Junior will be patrolling the neighborhood in fine fettle. You also save $30 by activating the instant coupon on the product page. 


Maybe your kid is a budding agriculturalist. In that case, this six-wheeled farm implement is just the ticket. It's got LED lights and a gearshift handle. It's awesome. All it needs is a front-end loader and some cows.

Will having a tiny plastic car that they can drive make your kid the envy of all other kids on the block? Probably, so there's no reason not to get one. Maybe also consider what you'll need to charge it efficiently as well as a helmet and while you're at it, score some cones so that you can set up a tiny little Nordschleife in your cul-de-sac. That way Junior has a leg up when it comes time to graduate to more expensive ways for you to live vicariously through them.

Keep in mind that it's a good idea to make sure you're supervising your kids while they're motoring around and that they really should have helmets, too. 

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