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Best Car Detailing Products for 2022: Bissell Cleaners, DeWalt Polishers and More

There are lots of great detailing products, including pressure washers and dryers, that would make swell gifts for car lovers, too.

Sean Szymkowski
It all started with Gran Turismo. From those early PlayStation days, Sean was drawn to anything with four wheels. Prior to joining the Roadshow team, he was a freelance contributor for Motor Authority, The Car Connection and Green Car Reports. As for what's in the garage, Sean owns a 2016 Chevrolet SS, and yes, it has Holden badges.
Sean Szymkowski
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Every car owner knows the magic is in the details. From a polished exterior to a spotless interior, maintaining your car's appearance makes a 30-year-old car look brand new. However, going into the fall season, keeping your car clean may feel impossible. With falling leaves and muddy boots, cleaning your car's interior has never been more important. Whether that involves buying a new car shampooer to remove dirt or a car carpet cleaner, there are so many options out there to keep your car looking good as new. That's why we decided to look at the best car detailing products for 2022.

Sun Joe

A pressure washer makes car washing a breeze, and it saves on water compared to a standard garden hose. The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is plenty powerful to clean tough grit on car wheels, and with the proper nozzle attachment, wash the dirt and grime off an entire car. Invest in a foam lance to make car washes even more fun, too.


This one is for the real detailing car owner nerd, but it's a nifty tool nonetheless. A paint thickness gauge can tell you a lot about your car's paintwork and perhaps help identify problem areas where rust may start to form. Even better: It's a great tool to bring when you're looking for a new project car to see how well it was taken care of prior to you possibly owning it.

ERAY's model comes with a two-year replacement guarantee and an easy-to-read LCD screen to display results as you prod paintwork. Plus, you can set an alert to spot if a car's painted surface area might run low, enabling you to perhaps find an issue early on.


Spot cleaners are definitely not just for little messes inside the house. They are wonderful machines when it comes to detailing a car, too. Take Bissell's portable carpet cleaner. It's nice and compact, features two brush tools and comes with a long hose for maneuverability. You'll have to pay more for a unit that heats the water, but just use water you've already warmed for great cleaning action. Car carpets and upholstery will thank you.


Alright, so it's not a detailing tool, but for a car enthusiast who wants to work on cars in the cold weather months, a garage heater is a must. We picked this product as our favorite garage heater in a separate roundup, but it deserves space here, too. It's a handy thing to have the temperatures start falling, but you still want to buff the car.

Gifts any car care lover will enjoy

The products above are the best of the best to us here at CNET Cars, and their prices reflect that. However, we didn't just think about these kinds of gifts. We took a look at the best affordable gifts for detailers as well, and whatever ends up wrapped will be a winner for the car care lover in your life.

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