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Bentley teases new Flying Spur, likely leaning on Continental GT looks

Considering how pretty the new Conti GT is, this is great news.

Whatever material that is in the wings of the "Flying B," it's probably expensive.

If you love the Bentley Continental GT coupe but want something a bit bigger and statelier, that's what the Flying Spur sedan is for. The two-door Conti was recently given a makeover, which we loved, and it appears the Flying Spur, which leans heavily on the coupe's style, is next on Bentley's to-do list.

Bentley has put out two teasers for its upcoming generation of Flying Spur grand touring sedan. The first teaser shows off the front end's hood ornament, which takes the traditional Bentley "Flying B" and fills in the wings with a likely fancy material. It also appears that the hood ornament can shrink into the body when the car is parked, which has been a staple of Rolls-Royce vehicles for years, too.

The second image shows off the new Flying Spur's silhouette. As with previous generations, the Flying Spur isn't as squared-off as the flagship Mulsanne sedan, carrying more of the Conti GT's flowing style. From what my eyes can see, it looks like the Flying Spur will probably pick up a number of visual enhancements first seen on the 2020 Continental GT.

It doesn't look all that different from the current Flying Spur, although there's a bit more smoothness than before.


It's likely that the Flying Spur will pick up the same revised W12 engine in the Conti GT. This 6.0-liter, twin-turbocharged honker puts out a proper 626 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque in the coupe, improvements of 44 and 133 (respectively) over the previous generation's W12. There's no need to guess about the interior -- it's going to be as sumptuous as any other Bentley, and I hope that the Conti GT's wild Bentley Rotating Display makes an appearance, too.

Bentley didn't offer up any more information than the two teasers, saying only that more information is slated to be revealed "later this year."