Bentley teases EXP 100 GT concept as 'the future of grand touring'

It will be unveiled on July 10, the automaker's 100th birthday.

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That's just about the fanciest doorsill I've ever seen.


This year marks 100 years of Bentley turning out some of Britain's most special vehicles. As part of its centenary celebrations, the ultra-plush automaker will roll out a concept that previews what we can expect from the next 100 years of Bentley.

Bentley on Monday unveiled its first teasers for the upcoming EXP 100 GT concept. Billed as "the future of grand touring," the concept will make its debut on July 10, the day Bentley counts as its official birthday.

The single provided image doesn't show much, aside from a doorsill that looks way too fancy to be a doorsill, with EXP 100 GT in what appears to be gold or rose gold. The video offers a bit more, showing a door that appears to open in a gullwing-like manner. The thumbnail for the video shows a pretty sleek roofline, but that's all we have to go on thus far.

Thankfully, the release that accompanied the teasers gives us a bit more to work with. Bentley promised that its concept will be "a transformative zero emissions concept car" that is "a showcase of sustainability and innovation." So, it'll likely be electric, and it will likely exemplify Bentley's meticulous attention to detail. I'd expect the materials inside to be just about as posh as textiles can get.

If you're interested in watching the unveiling at home, you can register on Bentley's special centenary website, which should grant you access to the debut's livestream, which starts at 11:00 a.m. ET on July 10.

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