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Audi will follow up Skysphere with Grandsphere, Urbansphere concepts

The Grandsphere will debut in September.

Audi Skysphere Concept
This is only the beginning.

Audi's new Skysphere concept is quite a stunner, but it's only the beginning for the German automaker. Speaking to members of the media at an event on Monday, Audi AG brand head Henrik Wenders confirmed two more "sphere" concepts are on the way, though they won't necessarily be quite as radical.

"Next month we are going to present the Audi Grandsphere concept," Wenders said, which will be designed for "condensed urban areas." Audi did not explicitly confirm where or when the Grandsphere will debut, but the 2021 IAA Munich Motor Show is a pretty safe bet.

"And then there's the third chapter ... the Audi Urbansphere concept," Wenders confirmed. "This is taking it to the most condensed level." In other words, something even smaller than the Grandsphere, which itself is smaller than the Skysphere. Unlike the Skysphere, Wenders said the Grandsphere and Urbansphere will not use a variable-wheelbase design.

Why "sphere," exactly? Wenders explained, "It's my privacy, where I can experience what I would like to experience, and what I'm experiencing is different than what you're experiencing." You know, like saying it's your bubble.

Wenders said the trio of "sphere" concepts isn't just a forward-thinking exercise, either -- "not a concept car storyline for concept car's sake." There's real production intent for these cars, though Wenders admitted vehicles like the Grandsphere and Urbansphere might take priority over something wild like the Skysphere.

"The future is not waiting," Wenders said. "[This is] not concept car storytelling that you will never see on the road. We don't have time for that."