Audi's RSQ E-Tron is a cartoon concept for Will Smith

The digital concept was made in partnership with Fox for the upcoming film Spies in Disguise.

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Audi's RSQ E-Tron is an electric, autonomous, intelligent superspy car for a cartoon Will Smith.

Blue Sky Studios/Audi

I don't know what it is about a Will Smith movie that gets Audi's mojo up, but the company that brought you the spherical-wheeled autonomous car in the movie I, Robot is now bringing you an even less real concept in Spies in Disguise.

The concept, which the German automaker announced on Thursday, is called the RSQ E-Tron, and Audi is calling it its first digital concept for an animated film. If the RSQ E-Tron were real, it would be a fully battery-electric vehicle with artificial intelligence and transformational capability... whatever that means.

"Audi takes a digital, forward-looking approach to the design process, both in developing fictional content and in the production modeling studio," said Frank Rimili, Audi head of Exterior Design for Concept Vehicles. "At Audi Design, we combine state-of-the-art digital visualization techniques with handmade precision. These processes enable us to implement futuristic design ideas with the same precision in the development of a fictional virtual concept vehicle such as the RSQ E-Tron."

The film stars Will Smith as the voice of superspy Lance Sterling and is slated to hit theaters in September 2019, which is cool and all, but we're still waiting for our spherical wheels, Audi. Shake a leg already.

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