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Audi RS3 Nardo edition goes faster, carves corners with more precision

A fixed RS sport suspension and a higher top speed make the Nardo edition the ultimate RS3.

2020 Audi RS3 Nardo edition
Just 200 are coming to the US, so don't dawdle.

Hey, Audi RS3 owners? There's something you'll want to take a look at -- a little something called the RS3 Nardo edition.

Audi revealed the special edition pocket rocket on Friday, which comes exclusively in the company's Nardo Gray color, and even more performance. With the upgrades, this special edition will go 174 mph, or 19 mph more than a standard RS3. A fixed RS sport suspension helps the Nardo edition become a more agile animal on and off the track, too, and should help it carve corners even better.

There's no additional power on tap, Audi simply uncapped the speed limiter to let it go faster. Thus, a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine remains with its unmistakable soundtrack and 394 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. It sounds even more distinct thanks to a standard sport exhaust complete black tailpipes.

Helping the RS3 Nardo edition separate itself from other RS3s is a set of staggered 19-inch wheels with a bi-color black finish, and a typically optional black trim package. Inside, the black interior gets splashes of red in the contrasting stitching color and the air vents with red rings. Carbon inlays keep up the performance-oriented feels. Technology remains pretty standard with a 12.3-inch display for infotainment needs.

For those that select an optional Dynamic Plus package, they'll get more RS-specific features like a screen to display tire pressure, horsepower and a G-meter. With or without the extra package, the tachometer still acts as a shift light when in manual mode, which is lots of fun to use and watch in action.

Audi says the Nardo edition is shipping out to dealers now, and it's going to be a seriously limited model. Just 200 of them are coming to the US with a price of $60,895.

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