Audi recalls almost 2,000 R8 supercars for increased fire risk

The issue can occur after high-speed maneuvers, which is what supercars are built for.

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I guess this recall won't be a problem for the folks who buy and subsequently mothball these cars in order to sell them for a profit later on, although future buyers may still want that recall addressed.

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Some people buy supercars because they're capable of handling feats that most cars aren't. Imagine how much it must stink, then, when those people are told the very reason they bought a specific car could cause it to start on fire.

has issued a recall for 1,916 examples of the 2017-2018 and supercars. It's unclear how many of these vehicles are with owners or still sitting at dealerships, but if any are still in dealer control, the dealer won't be allowed to sell them until the recall is completed.

The issue stems from the transmission. According to the automaker, "certain high speed and maneuvering situations" may cause transmission fluid to leak from the gearbox ventilation hose. The concern here is, if that leaking fluid comes into contact with any hot engine components, it may increase the risk of a vehicle fire, which is never a desirable trait in a vehicle.

Thankfully, Audi has a plan to fix it. Owners will have to take their vehicles back to the dealership, at which point technicians will replace the current ventilation hose with a new double ventilation hose, which will reportedly shore up the issue. As with all other recalls, the repair work will be free, but folks will still have to spend time schlepping down to a local dealer.

Audi expects this recall to begin on Oct. 31. Both dealers and affected owners will receive recall notifications, with the latter group receiving their notifications via first-class mail. 

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