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Audi starts production of its Q4 E-Tron electric crossover

Production is underway even though the model hasn't debuted yet.

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Audi's already in production on its yet-to-be-debuted Q4 E-Tron electric crossover.


Audi's onslaught of E-Tron models is getting well and truly underway. We've got the original E-Tron, the Sportback model of that vehicle and the E-Tron GT. Next will be the Q4 E-Tron, a model on which Audi has already started production, according to an announcement made by the company on Tuesday.

The Q4 E-Tron shares its platform with the Volkswagen ID 4. The electric crossover is being built in the Volkswagen Group's multibrand carbon-neutral plant in Zwickau, Germany. Interestingly, despite Audi kicking off production already, the Q4 E-Tron hasn't yet been unveiled -- that event is set to come in April.

While we don't know what the production version of the Q4 E-Tron will look like, we have seen its slightly quirky interior -- for Audi, anyway -- with its shelflike arrangement for the vehicle start button and shifter. We've also seen renderings of its heads-up display augmented reality setup, and it looks awesome.

Audi plans to have the Q4 E-Tron in European dealers this dummer, but no word yet as to when we might expect it to come to the US. We reached out to Audi for clarification on this, but didn't hear back in time for publication.

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