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Audi Teases Activesphere Concept Ahead of 2023 Debut

Audi Activesphere Teaser
Like the other Sphere cars, this one will be an autonomous EV.

What's happening

Audi is teasing a new car for its Sphere series of concepts: the Activesphere.

Why it matters

Like the Grandsphere, Skysphere and Urbansphere, the Activesphere will be an EV with autonomous driving capabilities. It'll also have more of a go-anywhere vibe.

What's next

Audi will fully reveal the Activesphere concept in early 2023.

Audi will add a fourth car to its series of Sphere concepts: the Activesphere. Previewed in a teaser image on Friday, the Activesphere looks to be a sleek coupe or sedan with lots of ground clearance and chunky tires. Think something like the earlier Grandsphere concept but with an all-terrain vibe.

Like the Grandsphere, Skysphere and Urbansphere concepts, the Activesphere has an electric drivetrain and is designed to support autonomous driving. We're expecting it to look pretty cool, and hopefully the interior will have a few neat design tricks, similar to the Activesphere's siblings.

Audi isn't releasing any other details about the Activesphere at this time, and we won't even see the full thing for quite a while. The Activesphere will be fully revealed in early 2023, but no doubt there'll be a few more teaser shots between now and then.