Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro proves there's always room for more insanity

The upgrade package is available to all 24 Vulcan owners.

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Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro
Aston Martin

I'd like to meet the person who took possession of an Aston Martin Vulcan and said, "This isn't nearly insane enough." Evidently, there were enough of 'em, because Aston Martin just released a bonkers upgrade kit for it.

The Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro is an upgrade kit from the newly christened AMR division, which thus far has seen fit to up-fit a small selection of Aston models. This will be available as an upgrade kit to the 24 lucky people who currently own a Vulcan.

Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro
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Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

You're never going to hear me complain when canards get added to something.

Aston Martin

The upgrades only serve to make the car more capable. Aerodynamic improvements include louvered panels above the front wheels, large canards flanking the noise and turning vanes on the front splitter. The engine cover also sheds about 11 pounds, thanks to additional refinement to its carbon-fiber construction.

Out back, there's a honkin' new wing with a dual-plane design. It sports a 20-millimeter Gurney flap on the trailing edge of the wing, and two additional (but smaller) Gurney flaps on the wing's endplates. Gurney flaps are small tabs that improve wing efficiency and therefore downforce. In fact, the Vulcan AMR Pro has approximately 30 percent more downforce than Aston Martin's Le Mans-winning Vantage GTE.

Aston Martin is already in the process of installing the kit on the first round of customer cars, and it hopes to have them finished up this fall. Only Aston Martin's Q division will install the parts -- you can't have them shipped to your local shade tree mechanic.

And that's about it. It's not like the 800-ish-horsepower V12 needed any more power, so that remains unchanged. Aston Martin didn't say how much the AMR Pro upgrade kit costs, but if you could afford the $2.3 million car itself, I imagine you can spring for some canards and Gurney flaps.

AMR Pro upgrade kit makes Aston Martin's Vulcan crazier through science

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