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Aston Martin confirms V12 Vantage sendoff

The Vantage's swan song will arrive in 2022.

2022 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition
This F1 Edition is the newest version of the V8-powered Vantage.
Steven Ewing/Roadshow

The Aston Martin Vantage isn't long for this world, and it's going to go out with one hell of a bang. Aston Martin on Wednesday confirmed the return of the V12 Vantage, and this loud-and-proud swan song will arrive sometime next year.

Aston isn't releasing any concrete details about the new V12 Vantage, but confirms this will mark the end of the road for its two-seat sports car. "It's not just a Limited Edition, it's a Final Edition," the British carmaker said in a statement. Aston also released a short teaser video along with its brief announcement, and you'll definitely want to turn your speakers up for this one.

Oh yeah, that's one hell of a V12, and likely the same 5.2-liter engine used in the DBS.

Aston Martin rolled out a V12-powered Vanquish for the last-generation car's final act, complete with a seven-speed manual transmission -- and a dogleg gearbox, to boot. Will the new V12 Vantage have a DIY transmission? We doubt it. But hey, fingers crossed. We'll know more next year.

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