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Aston Martin's new racing simulator may be the coolest esports rig we've seen

The AMR-C01, as it's called, comes from Aston Martin and partner Curv Racing Simulators.

Aston Martin AMR-C01 Curv racing simulator rig
Yes, I'll take one, thanks.
Aston Martin

Take notes, people. If you want to surprise the esports enthusiast in your life with a thing for racing simulators, this is the ultimate toy: The Aston Martin AMR-C01, created with help from partner Curv Racing Simulators. The British luxury carmaker revealed the rig on Monday, and boy, is it something.

It also costs $74,000 at current exchange rates and is limited to 150 units in a handful of liveries. As one of my colleagues pointed out, you could save one more year and buy a Porsche 718 Boxster GTS. And that's a damn good car. But, guys, look at it. It's so cool and appeals to the inner race car nerd tucked away in every enthusiast, whether they've actually tracked a car or not. Not only does it look the part as a downright amazing racing simulator, it's made from some pretty exotic materials.

Example: There's legitimately a carbon fiber monocoque. Another example: Aston Martin and Curv worked to mirror the Valkyrie supercar's driving position to make e-racers feel like they're in an Aston Martin vehicle. Just don't tell the company when you select some rival GT3 race car in the virtual world.

On the outside, the rig's front is meant to evoke the company's corporate grille and features the same treatment an Aston Martin production car receives; each one of these rigs is hand-assembled. Oh, and the man behind Curv happens to be Aston Martin's works driver Darren Turner, who's also worked on Formula One simulators for 20 years.

Aston Martin said the AMR-C01 is a wonderful addition to any "luxury gaming room." None of us here at Roadshow have a "luxury gaming room" in our dwellings, so clearly, we're not the target audience. If you are, drop us a line and let us come over and play.

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