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Apple's new HomePod 'Intercom' feature works with CarPlay

Users of Apple's compact smart speaker have a new avenue to send and receive messages to loved ones on the road.

Apple CarPlay
Apple's smart speaker now has a direct-access intercom feature to communicate with drivers using CarPlay. 

Apple's newly announced HomePod Intercom feature will give users yet another way to reach driving family members (and vice versa) through a new integration with Apple CarPlay.

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Apple debuted the new feature on its latest HomePod Mini during Tuesday's Apple Event. The functionality allows the smart speaker to communicate with other HomePods as well as with connected iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

Apple CarPlay

Drivers connected to Apple CarPlay while on the road will also be able to receive incoming messages from HomePods and hear them spoken aloud. They'll also be able to send or reply to Intercom messages using the Siri voice assistant.

Apple CarPlay users have always been able to send messages via SMS or iMessage, but the new Intercom features opens up communication with family members at home who may not have access to a phone or computer. For example, a child at home who doesn't have an iMessage account could send a voice update to a parent commuting home.