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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto gain Electrify America app support

Finding an EV charger through Electrify America will be much easier with native support for the smartphone mirroring tech.

Electrify America on Apple CarPlay
Coming to a screen near you.
Electrify America

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users will find a touch of added usability when searching for an electric car-charging station as of this week. Electrify America announced Thursday it will bring its app to both smartphone mirroring systems, with native support. In other words, you'll be able to use the Electrify America app straight from your EV's infotainment screen.

With the added usability, drivers will be able to locate a charger, start and stop a charging session from inside the car and review details about their particular charging plan. The first part is probably the most convenient. Not only will the app show drivers where charging stations are, but what types of plugs the station includes and if they're actually available.

Electrify America isn't the most sprawling ecosystem of chargers, but for those with the Volkswagen subsidiary's plugs around town, it'll be quite helpful. Right now, the company operates 650 stations across the US with a total of 2,700 plugs available between all the stations. The firm wants to expand further and plans over 1,800 fast-charging stations by the end of 2025, which would bring the plug tally to 10,000 by the middle of this decade.

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