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Apple and Canoo held talks in early 2020, report says

The tech giant is rumored to have been interested in in acquiring the EV startup.

Word 'round the campfire is that Apple had its eye on Canoo last year.

It would seem as though Hyundai wasn't Apple's first choice when it came to (rumored) partnerships for the production of its long-rumored car. According to a report published Tuesday by The Verge, it also tried to get its hooks into Canoo.

The report alleges that Apple approached Canoo in early 2020 to float the idea of acquiring the modular EV startup, but that Canoo wasn't interested in being acquired. It was open to a partnership and some investment, but Apple wasn't biting at that, causing the talks to fall apart.

Apple's main interest in Canoo is said to have been in the company's skateboard chassis architecture, which, unlike other brands' skateboards, integrates most of the vehicle's electronics in addition to the powertrain. It also reportedly had its eye on Canoo's unique steer-by-wire system, which allows it a lot of freedom in body design. 

Since then, both companies have been busy. Apple has been ramping up its Project Titan team, and the rumors have been pouring out of Cupertino about a possible 2024 debut date for the car. Canoo, in the meantime, has debuted its super-interesting and super-configurable MPDV (Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle).

Canoo aims to have that MPDV in limited production next year, with full-scale production in 2023. It's also reportedly in talks with other big-name tech companies interested in the startup's engineering and design chops, not to mention its technologies.

Neither Apple nor Canoo responded immediately to Roadshow's request for comment.

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