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Amazon Alexa now available in GM cars

Hey Alexa, navigate me home and buy cat food, please.

Amazon Alexa GM
Amazon Alexa is now available in newer GM trucks and cars.
Emme Hall/Roadshow

If you want proof that Amazon is taking over the world, look no further than the company's partnership with GM. The two first paired up in 2018 to offer Key by Amazon in-car delivery for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles. Now the in-home voice assistant Amazon Alexa is coming inside your GM. Well, as long as you have a 2018 model-year or newer GM car with the Infotainment 3 in-dash system and access to the internet though GM's 4G LTE, that is.

At a live demo at Amazon HQ in Seattle, Washington last month, the Alexa tech installed in a Buick Encore GX was able to navigate to a specific address or point of interest using the native GPS system. Alexa can also play music and audiobooks through GM's infotainment system and make phone calls through Bluetooth.

Obviously, having navigation, audio and phone capabilities in your car isn't anything new. Using Amazon Alexa is just a new way to access these features. However, Alexa can also do everything in your car that you would do at home. Drivers can control the lights or climate of their home and even add items to their Amazon shopping cart. You know, so you can order toilet paper on the go. 

2020 model-year GM vehicles will have Amazon Alexa already integrated upon purchase. Those with 2018 and 2019 year cars can receive Alexa through a free, over-the-air update.