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Airstream and Pottery Barn team up for a snuggy travel trailer

The latest special edition Airstream combines muted colors and clean lines for a modern look.

Pottery Barn Special Edition Airstream
Looking for bright colors? Too bad.

There are some collaborations I just don't get. Gucci once put Mickey Mouse on its bags. Ozzy Osbourne and Jessica Simpson once teamed for the traditional holiday song Winter Wonderland (and yes, the video is some kind of drug-fueled hallucination except that you don't need to be on mushrooms to enjoy it) and Harley-Davidson and Ford got together for... reasons. However, when when you take a retro-cool Airstream and furnish it with the uber-popular designs of Pottery Barn, you get a collab that makes perfect sense.

Taking inspiration from the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, the Pottery Barn color palette is in muted greys, blues and browns. Now, to be honest, I'm more into bright colors and quirky lines, but Pottery Barn has designed a gosh-darned nice-looking interior and even I admit it looks pretty freaking cozy.

You'll find quite a few signature collections from Pottery Barn in here. Sleeping accommodations for four are sheeted with Belgian Flax Linen Bedding. Comfy couch and chair seating is pulled out of the Big Sur collection while the solid oak dining table is from the Benchwright Dining Collection. Rounding it out are Emery Curtain window shades. Meals are made pretty with a 16-piece Mason Stoneware Dinnerware Set.

Patio furniture included.


Outside buyers are treated to an outdoor dining set up, awning and for the first time a hanging table that attaches to the Airstream's exterior. There are also a few Pottery Barn badges scattered about, including one on the screen door. 

The 28-foot Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer can be yours for a cool $145,000. It's available now at Airstream dealers nationwide.