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Acura teases Type S sedan concept ahead of Monterey Car Week

The sleek sedan concept is said to use twin-turbocharged V6 power.

Acura's Type S sedan concept will debut on Thursday, Aug. 15.


Acura is reaffirming its commitment to offering great-driving performance cars, and last year, announced the return of a storied moniker: Type S. Now, the automaker plans to show us what's in store for the future of the Type S, by way of a new concept car that'll debut during Monterey Car Week in just a few weeks' time.

The showcar is clearly a sedan, as evidenced by a teaser photo and video that Acura released Thursday. Details are slim right now, the company only saying the concept "sets the design direction for the return of Type S performance variants to the Acura lineup in the years ahead, delivering a striking expression of Acura performance with a powerful stance and expressive silhouette."

The long hood and short rear deck convey rear-wheel-drive proportions, but we aren't holding our breath for a RWD platform. The sculpted, angular taillights certainly look cool, and quad exhaust tips should give the sedan a nice rear-view stance. In the video below, you can also get a glimpse at the Type S' front end, with LED headlights not unlike those of the NSX supercar.

Though Acura has been pushing hybrid performance in recent years, namely with the aforementioned NSX, we hear the first Type S production car will use twin-turbocharged power. Acura first announced a new twin-turbo V6 at the Detroit Auto Show in 2018, though plans obviously could have changed between then and now.

Acura will officially debut the Type S concept at a private reception on Thursday, Aug. 15, and then it'll make its way around the Monterey peninsula throughout the rest of the weekend. You'll be able to catch it at the Quail Lodge on Aug. 16, followed by the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance concept lawn on Aug. 18.