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Acura MDX PMC Edition will pop out of NSX factory after TLX finishes up

We're still not sure how much it will cost, though.

If you think the paint looks good in photos, just wait until you see it in person. It's on another level.
Steven Pham/Roadshow

At the 2019 New York Auto Show, Acura debuted the TLX PMC Edition. PMC stands for Performance Manufacturing Center, the small-volume specialty facility in Marysville, Ohio, where it builds the NSX. The TLX PMC is a special handbuilt variant of the TLX sedan that includes a trim and package combination that ordinarily couldn't be ordered together. But once all 360 examples are built, Acura will add the PMC badge to yet another vehicle in its stable.

In addition to the NSX and TLX PMC hanging out on stage in New York, there's a similarly painted MDX. That is the MDX PMC, which will become the second PMC vehicle to be manufactured in Marysville. Acura didn't yet say how many would be built, but it's likely to be near the TLX PMC's 360-vehicle run.

The process is likely similar to how the TLX PMC is made. Acura starts with a body-in-white of a TLX A-Spec with all-wheel drive, but it's whisked off the production line at that point. From there, PMC's technicians hand-assemble the vehicle, including major components like the drivetrain and electrics. The cars are put through the same battery of tests as the NSX, and the TLX PMC also receives the NSX's deep-as-the-ocean red paint job. There's also a set of unique wheels, a body-colored grille surround and dark chrome exhaust tips, in addition to a complement of options that can't usually be ordered together.

Somewhat surprisingly, all that stuff doesn't add that much to the car's bottom line. Configuring a regular TLX to the specification found in PMC models will set a person back $46,000 before accessories, so it's only a couple grand to have PMC's experts put the vehicle together. There's no crazy process required to order one, either -- just hop over to the dealer and sign a document where you agree to give them around $50,000 in exchange for a car. Pretty standard stuff.

It's unclear if the MDX PMC will sport all the same kit as the TLX PMC, but there's one thing we do know -- it won't be cheap. Configuring a 2019 MDX on Acura's website with as much kit as one can reliably expect from the PMC version returns a $58,000 price tag at the minimum, so it won't be obscene to expect that the MDX PMC would push into the $60,000 range. But for a handbuilt crossover that special, it'll be worth it to those die-hards.