Access by BMW subscription plan tweaked with new tier, lower rates

It's still in the pilot phase, but this is good news for those in Nashville.

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2018 BMW 2 Series

Access by BMW is the automaker's new subscription plan that provides access to a fleet of vehicles for a set price, and while it's still in the pilot phase, it just became a lot more affordable.

BMW has recently adjusted the prices and tiers of its Access by BMW service to make it even more approachable. It used to start at $2,000 per month, but now there's a new Icon tier that will serve as the base tier, with a starting price of just $1,099 per month.

2018 BMW X2

Considering how expensive car notes and insurance can be for luxury vehicles, a flat rate of $1,099 per month sounds pretty darn attractive.

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For that price, users will have access to a number of smaller BMW vehicles. The list comprises the 330i sedan, 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid sedan, X2 and X3 SUVs , the M240i convertible and the i3 electric city car. It still has the same benefits as the other established tiers, including unlimited vehicle swaps and roadside assistance. For all three tiers, the single price includes both vehicle maintenance and insurance.

BMW also lowered the prices for the tiers it already established. The Legend tier used to cost $2,000 per month, but that price has been lowered to $1,399 per month. This gets you access to larger vehicles, like the sedan, X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid SUV and the performance-oriented M2 coupe.

If you want outright performance, opt for the M tier, which had its price reduced from $3,700 per month to $2,699 per month. Users in this tier can slide behind the wheel of the M4 or M6 convertible, M5 sedan and the X5M and X6M performance SUVs.

In addition to all that, BMW also announced that subscribers at a certain tier will now have access to vehicles in lower tiers. So even if you're paying for the M tier, if you really want to borrow the i3 to see what it's like, you can. So far, Access by BMW only exists in Nashville, but if everything goes according to plan, expect to see it in other markets in the future.

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