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AAA and Lyft are teaming up to get rid of the dreaded courtesy shuttle

The new initiative has AAA scheduling Lyft rides to and from select AAA repair centers for customers.

The partnership between AAA and Lyft will see AAA agents scheduling rides for customers to and from AAA car service centers for free.
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

AAA and Lyft announced on Thursday that they're partnering to offer members in select locations free rides to and from AAA-owned and operated repair shops, in place of more traditional courtesy shuttles.

If you've ever owned a spectacularly unreliable car, you probably have a good idea of how useful AAA can be. Between its towing services and its network of shops, it takes some of the stress out of an otherwise trying situation. The ability to catch a free and timely ride to work once your car arrives at the shop is just icing on top.

"When it comes to transportation, people want options. Providing a time-saving and convenient ride resource means one less worry for our busy members and customers," Marshall Doney, AAA president and CEO, said in a statement.

What's interesting about this partnership is that the AAA customer need not have Lyft installed on their phone. All of the scheduling is done through AAA and covers rides to or from AAA-owned and operated repair centers.

"We're excited to help provide more transportation solutions for AAA members and customers," Gyre Renwick, VP of Lyft Business, said in a statement. "By offering an easy and affordable transit option for passengers while their vehicles are out of service for repairs, with Lyft credits or through our Concierge platform, we're helping to create a seamless customer experience for both customers and AAA agents."

This program is currently active in Maryland and select cities in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.