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2023 Genesis G90 First Look: Top Luxury With Automatic Doors and Anti-COVID Tech

The new Genesis G90 is absolutely packed with features, from automatic doors to a foot massager to a germ-killing UV-light.

We got a glimpse of the redesigned 2023 Genesis G90 sedan in person this week, and it's even more stunning than in the photos. The luxury flagship comes with everything from a footrest to massaging rear seats to a germ-busting UV light for your phone in the rear-seat armrest.

Getting specs out of the way first, at 207.7 inches long, the new G90 is nearly 2 inches longer than the outgoing model and has a wheelbase that's almost an inch longer. The long-wheelbase model, which unfortunately will not be coming to the US, increases the wheelbase by 7.5 inches. The only engine option is Genesis' twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, with rear-wheel drive standard and all-wheel drive as an option. The LWB G90 gets a 48-volt electric supercharger added on, though we don't have power figures yet.

This is one of the nicest interiors available today.


There are a bunch of new chassis features that should make the G90 even better to drive, too. The multichamber adjustable air suspension can automatically raise the front wheels when going down a slope or raise the whole car by nearly an inch for better clearance over rough surfaces. The suspension also has a camera at the front that scans the road ahead and adjusts the dampers for coming situations. A first for the G90 is rear-wheel steering that can turn up to 4 degrees in counter-phase or 2 degrees in-phase, improving low-speed maneuverability and high-speed stability. There are three different braking settings, including a chauffeur mode.

We won't get the long-wheelbase model, but man is it spiffy.


Like the exterior design, the new G90's cabin is stunning, luxurious and more than a little quirky. The dashboard has a horizontal motif that echoes Genesis' other models, with slim air vents that span the length of the dash and lovely real wood trim pieces that flow from the dash onto the door panels. The G90's gauge cluster and 12.3-inch infotainment screens are under one large glass panel that's integrated behind a winglike shape, and it's running Genesis' new infotainment system. There are a handful of physical media and climate controls in an oval-shaped section lower in the dash that also houses more digital climate controls, while the center console has the rotary gear selector and infotainment knob from the GV70 and controls for things like drive mode, audio and the seats. I love the two-spoke steering wheel, too.

This color scheme is my favorite.


Genesis describes the G90's interior as satisfying to both drivers and passengers who are being chauffeured, and to that end, the rear seat is sumptuous. As standard, the G90 has a five-seat configuration with a rear bench, but a four-seat VIP configuration is available. The VIP setup adds a fixed center console with tons of storage and an armrest that has an integrated screen and infotainment controller. But even the normal setup has a fold-down armrest with an 8-inch touchscreen, infotainment knob and controls for things like the seats and window shades. The LWB model also gets a 10.2-inch screen on each rear seat back. One additional neat feature is storage for magazines and books in the C-pillar trim.

The G90 will be offered in 12 different paint colors, including a couple of matte finishes and interesting shades like Bariloche Brown, Valencia Gold and Hallasan Green. 19-inch wheels are standard but a few different 20-inchers are optional. There are a number of interior schemes, my favorite being the two-tone Urban Brown and Glacier White. Each of the five options is available in Signature Design form, which adds leather to more surfaces along with gorgeous stitching on the seats. Some of the wood trim options are made from reprocessed newspaper, while others use the Korean sanggam technique to add Genesis' G-Matrix motif as real metal inlays. Genesis says the G90's interior uses antibacterial materials in addition to the sterilizing UV light, and the HVAC system has special air filters.

Proper luxury and big presence awaits.


Available features include powered doors that are closable via multiple buttons inside, dual panoramic sunroofs, 22-way front seats with massage, 16-way rear seats with leg rests and neck pillows, a wireless charger for the rear seat, a foot massager for the rear seat behind the front passenger, fingerprint authentication, a head-up display, remote smart park and an integrated dash cam that's accessible via a live feed on a smartphone. The 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system has a wild "virtual venue" 3D surround mode that imitates different sound spaces, and the G90 has laminated glass and active noise canceling. The G90 also debuts Genesis' first in-car fragrance system, and a "mood curator" function adjusts the fragrance, ambient lighting, seats, audio system and other features to suit different moods.

Genesis says US-spec deliveries starting at some point later this year, but pricing and fuel economy figures remain unreleased. The outgoing 2022 G90 starts at around $75,000, and given all of the new features, it wouldn't be surprising to see this new model command even more dollars.