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2022 Nissan Frontier prices put this pickup in the hunt for Tacoma, Ranger

Starting at $29,015, and with much-needed updates, the Frontier's ready to go hunting for the Tacoma, Ranger, Colorado and others.

2022 Nissan Frontier Production
The new Frontier's a handsome machine.

Great news! There's finally a new Nissan Frontier. The 2022 Frontier overhauls the 14-year-old truck inside and out, and Roadshow's Emme Hall has already tried it out. Separately, Nissan also dished prices for the new pickup truck on Tuesday, and with a $29,015 starting price, it looks like the pickup's ready to play ball.

Considering the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma each start right around the same dollar figure, the Frontier's definitely in the game. I excluded Ford and Chevy's work trucks since they're much cheaper, but not really geared toward your average consumer these days. For just a touch under $30,000 when shopping the Frontier, you get an S trim King Cab model, Nissan speak for a truck sans four full doors, and two-wheel drive. The cheaper King Cab trucks run from the base S trim to the range-topping SV trim, so there are plenty of options. If you're simply looking for the cheapest Frontier with four-wheel drive, that'll cost $32,215 after adding 4x4 to an S trim King Cab.

If you're looking for the added benefits of a four-door, mid-size pickup, the price increases to $30,515 to start. Here, you still get the S trim and rear-wheel drive standard. Before any other options, Nissan asks $33,515 for a 4x4 pickup with the Crew Cab configuration. No matter which truck, buyers get a five-foot bed, though the Japanese automaker does offer a long-wheelbase truck with a six-foot bed for $38,215. It only comes in more premium SV trim, so prepare to plunk down some cash for it.

At the top of everything, and exclusive to the Crew Cab body style, are the Pro-X and Pro-4X trims. The former is RWD, while the latter sports a 4x4 system and they're the best Nissan has to offer for off-roading at the moment. Prepare to spend $35,415 for the Pro-X and $38,415 for the loaded Pro-4X.

Along the way, you'll only find three optional packages to add to various trims: the Premium, Convenience and Technology packages. If you're shopping the cheaper trucks, know only the tech package is available. The other goods, such as driver-assist systems, a 9-inch infotainment screen and more are locked away.

Nissan plans to ship the first trucks to dealers this September. Then, it's truly game on for the mid-size truck segment.