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2022 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 SUV gets the more powerful S treatment

The most powerful 63 S is no longer reserved for the Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe.

The GLC63 is a 503-horsepower family hauler, available for the first time with a normal SUV body.

We like the Mercedes-Benz GLC-class SUV. It's handsome without being overly flashy and it's really nice to drive. We especially like the AMG versions, but the thing that's always seemed weird was if you wanted the most powerful GLC63 S version, you had to spring for the GLC Coupe. However, that won't be the case anymore.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed Tuesday that the 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S will now be available in the standard SUV guise. It promises to be hell on wheels thanks to its 503 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Coupled with all-wheel drive, the GLC63 S can sprint to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. That's silly quick for the class. The GLC even managed a Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time of just 7 minutes, 49.369 seconds. For comparison, the BMW E46 M3 CSL -- a hardcore, track-oriented, lightweight special edition of a beloved sports car -- ran a 7-minutes, 50-second lap time.

Now, the powertrain isn't really anything new; it's the same handbuilt 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine we know and love from other AMG models. The GLC63's chassis features standard AMG fare like adaptive dampers, big brakes, a locking rear differential and other go-fast hardware. 

The AMG formula is kind of like Taco Bell, except instead of combining a bunch of the same cheap ingredients into something new that might give you mild gastrointestinal upset, it's a mixing a bunch of excellent German performance components and the result is a really fast SUV. We love the GLC63 S in its Coupe form and we have no reason to believe the more upright version will be any less enjoyable.

Look for the 2022 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S to arrive in the US near the end of 2021.

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