Lotus Emira GT4 shows that Hethel still has racing in its blood

It's a more-adjustable, harder-edged version of the already gorgeous Emira and we want one.

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The regular Emira is gorgeous, but the swan-neck wing of the GT4 is a nice touch, too.


only recently debuted its final internal-combustion-powered sports car, the Emira, but now, according to an announcement made on Wednesday, it's already getting it ready to race as the Emira GT4.

The Emira GT4 is a lot like the regular Emira with the 400-horsepower Toyota-based supercharged V6, but with different aero, added safety components like a fire suppression system and a sturdy roll cage. It also gets a different dash setup that allows drivers and teams to datalog all of the vehicles' parameters on track, as well as a giant 96-liter FIA-approved fuel cell.

Of course, it also gets plenty of performance-focused motorsports parts too, like adjustable Ohlins dampers and big Alcon brakes with Bosch motorsports ABS. These parts will add significant amounts of adjustability to the car, making it more competitive.

The Emira GT4 will be built in limited quantities for the 2022 model year, with plans to expand to broader production for 2023. It's unlikely there will be a more street-friendly version of this setup, ala the Porsche Cayman GT4, but with Lotus, you never know.

Lotus hasn't released any pricing for the Emira, let alone the GT4, but given that the folks in Hethel asked for a nearly $60,000 premium for the GT4 over the standard GT, we'd expect the Emira version to be something similar.

Lotus Emira GT4 is a track-only last blast for internal combustion from Hethel

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