Infiniti teases the 2022 QX60 interior ahead of June reveal

We don't get much of a look, but what we do see looks decent.

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The 2022 QX60's quilted leather and dash-top-mounted infotainment screen aren't groundbreaking, but they look nice.


is set to debut officially on June 23, but in advance of that full reveal, we're getting a very small peek at the luxury crossover SUV's new interior, thanks to an announcement made by Infiniti on Thursday. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't show much, but what we see, we like.

The most prominent part of the photo is the large, wide infotainment screen. It looks like it could be good, but we have no idea what is powering the infotainment system, so there's plenty of room for disappointment.

The next thing that jumps out is the lovely quilting on the dashtop and the non-quilted leather on the rest of the dash. They both look classy, which is good. Infiniti also says in its release that the QX60 will feature interior ambient lighting, which is becoming increasingly common in the segment. 

Beyond that and a previous announcement discussing the QX60's powertrain, we're mostly in the dark still, but we hope that the QX60 actually turns out to be good, or at least interesting. Infiniti could use a major shot in the arm if it hopes to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive luxury market.

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