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New Ford Everest teased as Ranger-based body-on-frame SUV

This 4Runner competitor won't be sold in the US.

Don't get your hopes up for this one.

Hot on the heels of the global debut of the new Ranger pickup, earlier this week Ford released the first teasers of the next-generation Everest SUV that will be based on the truck. This will be the third generation of Everest since 2003, and despite its cool looks and potential to be a direct competitor to the popular Toyota 4Runner, it won't be sold in the US.

The Everest shown in the teasers has a camouflage wrap applied, but we can still see almost all of the new SUV's design. Its front end has the same clamp-shaped LED headlights and oval grille as the Ranger, but with more chrome trim and a different lower bumper design.

The Everest has crisp body surfacing with prominent shoulders, a kicked-up D-pillar and fender flares surrounding big wheels. The rear end has cool taillights that may have a light bar extending across the tailgate. On the inside, expect the option of a tall central infotainment screen.

So much room for activities!


It should also share its powertrains with the Ranger. Both vehicles are based on the same platform as the new Bronco, and the Ranger has a few different turbocharged four-cylinder engines as well as the same PowerStroke turbocharged V6 diesel as in the F-150. A 10-speed automatic is a new option for the Ranger, and there will probably be a plug-in-hybrid model as well. Here's hoping there will be an off-road Raptor version, too.

Ford says the Everest will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2022. Its biggest market will be Australia, where it was designed and developed, but the Everest has also been sold in places like Thailand, India and the Middle East, sometimes under the name Endeavour.

That camo might be hiding a light bar.