2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe spied in Los Angeles

The next-gen 2 Series Coupe will retain its rear-wheel-drive layout but gains controversial styling.

Daniel Golson Former social media editor
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This is the new 2 Series, I swear.

Daniel Golson/Roadshow

I'm convinced that there's some sort of test center near my apartment in West Hollywood, as I frequently see camouflaged prototypes when I'm out for a walk. Typically, the cars are things that have already been unveiled like the new M3 or Rolls-Royce Ghost, but recently I was surprised by some prototypes of the 2022 . Don't get this confused with BMW's new four-door, front-wheel-drive 2 Series Gran Coupe, though -- this is a direct replacement for the existing two-door 2 Series and it will thankfully remain rear-wheel drive.

First of all, please forgive these terribly blurry iPhone photos. The cars caught me off guard and I wasn't able to properly prepare to nicely capture them. While the prototypes I saw were covered in a swirly camo wrap and fake panels, I still got a pretty good look at the new 2 Series. The overall proportions are similar to the current car, but the greenhouse looks even more traditional and upright, and dare I say 2002-esque. It looked a little longer and wider than the current model, but still nice and compact.

Luckily, to make up for my crappy photography, photos of an undisguised 2 Series leaked out a few months ago, as you can see above. Thankfully there are no huge vertical kidneys like on the new 4 Series, but the new 2 does have big, connected grilles. The bumper designs are super angular and the headlights are squinty while the taillights are blockier. Overall it's not a massive change from the current model, but it is a lot more complex and busy.

The first prototype I saw had rectangular exhaust tips, pointing to it being an equivalent to the current M240i, which could be renamed M235i to fit back in with BMW's confusing naming strategy. Expect a turbocharged inline-six making close to 350 horsepower, with an eight-speed automatic transmission as a definite and a six-speed manual as a possibility. All-wheel drive will be optional. The base model (potentially badged 228i) gets round exhaust pipes and will likely use a turbocharged four-cylinder with around 250 hp.

The 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe will still be rear-wheel drive

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We haven't been able to look at the interior yet, but expect a shrunken down 4 Series vibe with two big screens and angular design elements. The 2 Series should remain a four-seater with a tight bench in the rear. It's unclear if there will continue to be a convertible model as well; it wouldn't be surprising if the droptop gets killed off, as that segment is rapidly shrinking.

The new 2 Series could debut as soon as the end of the year before going on sale at some point in 2021. Pricing will likely stay close to the current model's base price of around $37,000 for the four-cylinder, with the six-cylinder costing about $10,000 more. Oh, and don't worry, there will be a new M2. Our friends at Autoblog got spy photos of it earlier this week (and they're much nicer than mine).

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