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The Acura Integra will return in 2022

Acura's compact coupe is making a comeback -- for real this time.

A new Acura Integra is seriously happening.

After Acura unveiled the new NSX Type S during Monterey Car Week on Thursday, the company had one more big bit of news to share. By way of an elaborate drone show, Acura confirmed the Integra -- yes, the Integra -- will return in 2022.

No, I'm not pranking you. The Integra is coming back, and I'm stoked. The drones first showed the original 1986 Integra's shape -- complete with pop-up headlights -- before morphing into the new model's sleek silhouette. The name Integra was prominently displayed with flashing and moving lights, before the number "2022" also lit up in the sky. And then the crowd cheered, obviously.

No one at Acura's NSX Type S reveal was privy to the Integra announcement, which made it even more impressive. There have been rumors for years about the Integra's return, but they never seemed to gain traction. It's a particularly remarkable product announcement in a time when traditional new passenger cars -- especially sporty coupes -- are thin on the ground as more and more automakers flood the market with SUVs. However, as Acura's NSX halo hybrid sports car is ending production in 2022 with the just-announced Type S, it makes sense that Honda's upscale division would want a new iconic nameplate to carry its performance car torch.

After the drone presentation was over Acura presented a teaser image on screen, showing the new Integra's headlight. The LED light looks very similar to that of the TLX, and the name Integra is embossed in the bodywork underneath the light. You can also see a complex grille and a hood with aggressive surfacing. My best guess is that the new Integra will share a platform with the 2022 Honda Civic, taking the form of a two-door coupe with a turbocharged engine and (hopefully) a manual transmission. Expect Acura to get a version of the Integra that shares its powertrain with the next-gen Civic Type R, too, under the guise of an Integra Type S. A related teaser tweet from the automaker featuring a revving engine leaves no doubt that this model will feature internal combustion.

During the announcement, Acura's vice president and brand officer Jon Ikeda said the 2022 Integra will retain the "fun-to-drive spirit and DNA" of the original Integra, and given Honda's recent success with performance cars, I'm optimistic that the reborn Integra will live up to the name.