2021 Toyota Sienna minivan gets a Google-powered assistant to answer all your questions

Joya, as the assistant is known, will answer all questions surrounding the minivan's new digital owner's manual.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski

The 2021 Toyota Sienna is in for a digital owner's manual. That's the boring news as the brand ditches a physical copy of the book so often relegated to the glovebox. The cooler news is this move comes with the introduction of the Toyota Driver's Companion, better known as Joya. Joya is a Google Cloud-powered piece of artificial intelligence that can answer all your questions surrounding the new digital owner's manual.

The brand revealed the new piece of technology on Thursday, which is smart enough to understand questions like, "How does the bird's eye camera work?" Joya will pull up a specific part of the owner's manual from your smartphone and show you photos and graphics of the system or feature to explain things even better. All of these functions live in the Toyota app for your phone, so it's always around to help. What's even better is owners can enter their VIN and get an experience personalized to their vehicle. In fact, Joya's intelligence can even help diagnose why a check engine light is on. Bored? Ask Joya for a quiz to learn even more about the Sienna and all of its family-hauling features.

Toyota said this new digital owner's manual is only a pilot program for now. To that point, Joya and all of these features are only available with the 2021 Sienna, but it seems inevitable the program would expand to more cars sooner rather than later.

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