2021 Porsche 911 receives new tech, trickle-down love from Turbo S model

New features and options from the 911 Turbo S create an even more extensive catalog of extras.

No big changes, but lots of little things.
Steven Ewing/Roadshow

A round of updates for the 2021 Porsche 911 have landed, and they're largely inspired by the bonkers 911 Turbo S.

Porsche said on Monday the 2021 model year will include three new packages of options first available on the Turbo S and the availability of InnoDrive and Smartlift.

InnoDrive and Smartlift are entirely new to the 911 lineup and will be optional with any model equipped with the PDK transmission. The adaptive cruise control works with this new system to predict an optimal speed for 1.8 miles ahead of the car. Navigation data informs the system, which then tells the engine, transmission and brakes. Porsche added that InnoDrive will take corners, curves and all speed limits into account when making calculations. Do note, these smarts only come with PDK-equipped models, and not those with a manual transmission.

Smartlift is an addition to the front axle lift system, which will now automatically lift the car based on GPS information when equipped. Any time the driver activates the front axle lift system, Smartlift saves the GPS coordinates and remembers it for the future. If buyers want it, good news: it's standard with the lift system now.

Chief among the 911 Turbo S-derived options is the 930 Leather Package, which outfits the interior with a leather pattern akin to the first 911 Turbo. A quilted center seat panel marks the biggest change, but the same quilting finds its way to the door panels, too. Porsche expanded the availability of its lightweight, noise-insulated glass from the Turbo S model, too, which shaves 8 pounds from the car's weight.

Aside from these bigger changes, there are a few other odds and ends on deck for the 2021 911. The optional Sport Chrono Package now gets a tire temperature display, the Light Design Package gets a new name -- now called the Ambient Lighting Package -- and Python Green joins the color palette. 

It's bigger news for Porsche 911 buyers in Europe; the Carrera S and 4S will now boast a manual transmission option on the continent. The German marque already announced the row-your-own option for US-spec models back in October of last year.

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