2021 Lexus IS gets new teaser, new debut date

We'll see Lexus' latest sedan on June 15.

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Lexus first teased its forthcoming next-generation IS sedan on June 1, with a proper debut scheduled for June 9. Several days after that announcement, however, Lexus decided to postpone the reveal out of respect for the demonstrations taking place across the world in the wake of George Floyd's death. Now, the automaker has committed to a new date, and it's not too far off.

Lexus announced on Friday that it will reveal the 2021 IS sedan on June 15. Taking place at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET), Lexus will pull back the veil online, and it included a link to watch the reveal live on Facebook. Along with this announcement, Lexus rolled out a quick teaser video for the new IS.

Unlike the first one, which showed off a full-width LED light bar across the sedan's rear end, this new teaser finally shines some (literal) light on the sedan. It starts with a shot of an aggressive alloy wheel before panning to the F Sport badge that adorns just about every model the automaker produces. We get quick shots of various curves on the vehicle, followed by another shot of the rear lights. Based on what we can see, it looks like the IS will follow the design language set forth by other new Lexus sedans , like the ES.

For now, that's all Lexus has provided with regards to the first new IS in seven years. While it stinks to have to wait to learn more information, the reveal is just a few days away.

2021 Lexus IS teaser
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2021 Lexus IS teaser

Before today, this was all we'd seen of the new IS.