Jeep recalls 18,800 2021 Cherokees over leaking transmission hoses

There is concern that leaking hoses could lead to increased risk for a fire.

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2020 Jeep Cherokee High Altitude

The 2021 Cherokee has an issue with bad rubber transmission cooler hoses.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The owners of some 18,800 2021 models can expect a recall notice in their mailboxes soon over concerns that a leaking transmission line could cause a fire, according to an announcement made recently by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall specifically applies to a transmission oil cooler hose which was improperly cured, greatly increasing the probability of a fluid leak. The leaking fluid could come in contact with the vehicle's hot exhaust system and cause a fire.

Luckily, the fix for this issue is as simple as replacing the hose and refilling the transmission. Like all recalls, this work will be performed free of charge by your Jeep dealer once notifications start going out on or around June 23.

If you own a 2021 Jeep Cherokee and are concerned that this recall might affect your vehicle and you don't want to wait for an official notification, or if you just have questions, you can contact Chrysler customer service at 1-800-853-1403 and reference recall Y18.

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