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2021 Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks recalled over wheels that can fall off

Owners are being instructed not to drive their trucks, and dealers have been issued a stop-sale order.

Ford F-Series Super Duty dual-rear-wheel towing
Only dual-rear-wheel (dually) models like this F-350 Platinum are affected by this Ford F-Series recall.

Ford is recalling select examples of its 2021 F-Series Super Duty truck range over wheels that may unexpectedly detach. According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration campaign announcement, select dual-rear-wheel models of its F-350, F-450, F-550 and F-600 Super Duty trucks could have front wheel hub extenders that were improperly installed. The supplier-related attachment issue could lead to the wheels and wheel extenders separating from the vehicle, increasing the likelihood of a crash. The problem was detected after two incidents of left-front wheel detachments while driving were reported to the automaker.

According to the NHTSA filing, some 17,616 examples of these popular dually chassis work trucks are affected by the recall, and owners are being told not to drive their vehicles until the torque of these wheel-extender nuts can be verified as within spec. Additionally, Ford has informed its dealers to stop selling and delivering these vehicles until the torque of the wheel nuts can be confirmed.

A related Ford memo to its dealers states, "Owners will be provided with a set of instructions to verify the hub extension torque. Some owners may choose to have a dealer verify the hub extension torque. This can be completed by the dealer utilizing a mobile repair process or towing the vehicle to the dealer for torque verification." 

Dealers will perform all related recall work free of charge to owners of affected vehicles. Ford will begin notifying vehicles impacted by the recall campaign beginning Monday.

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