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2020 Subaru Outback, Legacy already recalled for missing brake pedal part

Either the brake pedal is missing a bolt, or it wasn't tightened well enough.

Braking performance could suffer over time with the defect.


The 2020 Subaru Outback and 2020 Legacy are slowly trickling into dealerships, but for those who may have already purchased one, it has to go back to the dealer.

NHTSA documents made public this week detail a new recall for the Outback and Legacy that involves the cars' brake pedal. One of two things happened during production. Either a bolt for the brake pedal mounting bracket wasn't tightened sufficiently, or it's missing altogether, according to the documents. In total the issue affects just 3,467 cars. To showcase how much more popular the Outback is compared to its Legacy sedan counterpart, 2,862 of the affected models are Outbacks. Just 605 are Legacy sedans.

Of the 3,467 affected vehicles, Subaru estimates only 1% of them actually house the defect, but better to be safe than sorry. If either vehicle has the problem, the automaker said the brake pedal mounting area could deform. If this happens, braking performance may diminish, which increases the risk of a crash. Getting into the details of what happened, the company identified a defective bolt feeder in the production process that may have left the few thousand cars with the defect.

There are 605 Legacy models that could have the defect compared to 2,862 Outbacks. Boy, Americans don't like sedans like they used to.

Owners will need to bring the cars back to a Subaru dealer where a technician will inspect the Outback or Legacy. If the brake pedal assembly isn't up to snuff, the technician will replace the hardware or the entire assembly altogether.

Keep an eye out for notification via mail starting Oct. 1.

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