The 2020 Range Rover ditches its V6 for a straight six and gets pricing

Jaguar Land Rover's Ingenium straight six makes its first appearance in a Range Rover and we're psyched.

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The 2020 Range Rover looks a lot like the 2019 model, but it's under the hood where the big changes happened.

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We are living in a magical time when manufacturers are ditching V6 engines for inline-six engines, and the latest to jump on that bandwagon is Land Rover , first with the Range Rover Sport HST and now with the 2020 Range Rover , according to an announcement Tuesday.

Gone is the supercharged Jaguar-sourced V6 engine of yore and now, in its place lives a 3.0-liter mild hybrid inline-six engine. This new six is part of Jaguar Land Rover's lovely Ingenium engine family, and we expect that its silky-smoothness will be right at home in a posh SUV.

Land Rover also released pricing for all of the US-bound 2020 Range Rover models, and while there are a few small surprises there, it's mostly what you'd expect. The base model is designated P360, and it's got the aforementioned Ingenium straight six which, in this trim, produces a perfectly reasonable 355 horsepower. The P360 starts at $92,195 after destination.

The next model up the ladder is the 245 horsepower diesel, followed by the P400e hybrid which our man Antuan Goodwin just reviewed. After that, you get the P400 which has the P360's engine and mild hybrid system, but with the wick turned up to 395 hp. That model starts at $97,445 after destination.

The rest of the range is more or less the same, with the beautiful 518 hp supercharged 5.0-liter V8 making an appearance in the P525 trim that starts at $107,245 after destination. It just gets more expensive from there with the addition of Autobiography trim levels and extended wheelbase models.

Other than that, you can order a new 22-inch gloss black wheel, Eiger Grey (swapped in for last year's Corris Grey) and Portofino Blue replaces 2019's Loire Blue.

Order books for the 2020 Range Rover are open now.

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