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Land Rover announces pricing for 2020 Defender 90 First Edition in LA

Despite having two fewer doors, the First Edition 90 is only slightly cheaper than the 110 equivalent.

The two-door Land Rover Defender 90 is going to cost "around $50,000" to start and the First Edition will set you back a cool $65,100 before options.

Land Rover's long-awaited new Defender got its US debut at the LA Auto Show this week, and it's as glorious-looking as I'd always hoped it would be. What's even cooler is that the fine folks from Jaguar Land Rover have finally given us an inkling of what it was going to charge for the short-wheelbase Defender 90, according to an announcement made on Wednesday.

Well, sort of, anyway. So we don't have a complete pricing structure for the Defender 90 yet, but we do know that the top-tier First Edition will set buyers back a cool $65,100 plus options, and will go on sale in the summer of 2020. The folks in Solihull have also confirmed that the entry-level Defender 90 will be priced at "around $50,000" and will hit the market in the fall of 2020.

For comparison's sake, the Defender 110, in its most basic form, starts at just under $50,000 and comes with two more doors than the 90. The 110 First Edition starts at $68,650 and isn't even the top-trim level. That honor belongs to the Defender X, which should trade hands for $80,900.

The 110 will hit our shores (and likely our wallets) in the spring of 2020, and we're damned excited for it.

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