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2020 Honda Civic Type R features a built-in LogR data logger

The companion app to the new data logger will be available for iPhone and Android phones this spring.

The LogR tech shows an image of the Type R that moves with the pitch and roll rates.

The Honda Civic Type R enters 2020 with a number of welcome performance and driver-assistance upgrades. But there's a cool new bit of tech on offer, too. Honda officially announced its new LogR performance data recorder on Wednesday, which will be exclusive to the 2020 Civic Type R.

LogR works a lot like data recorders we've seen from other manufacturers. When you're driving, the performance monitor shows pertinent data on the Civic's 7-inch infotainment screen, including things like coolant temperature, oil pressure, gear position and more. There's also a so-called "g-meter" that displays acceleration, braking and cornering forces on a graph, or on a view of the car itself so you can get a better idea of the hatchback's pitch and roll.

The LogR tech can also record lap times through its Log Mode, using GPS data as well as sensors for cornering forces, acceleration and braking. Interestingly, the Type R's recorder isn't just to help you shave tenths of seconds off of lap times, but to encourage smooth behavior while driving hard. In fact, LogR has an Auto Score function that can take your data and compare it to a pro-driver baseline. After you're done driving, the LogR phone app can give you a more in-depth look at your performance data.

Honda will offer the LogR app for both iPhone and Android users, and it should be available for download sometime this spring. There's no word if Honda will make this tech available for other cars -- like, say, the Acura NSX supercar -- but we can't imagine this'll be a Type R-only feature for too long.

The updated 2020 Honda Civic Type R hits dealerships on Feb. 28, priced from $37,950, including $955 for destination.

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Originally published Feb. 20.