Chrysler Pacifica is offering AWD to the impatient with the 2020 AWD Launch Edition

We knew it was coming on the new 2021 model, but FCA just couldn't wait and is offering it as a special version of the 2020 model year.

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This could be you this winter, ripping big nasty snow drifts in your AWD Launch Edition Pacifica.


All-wheel drive minivans seem like the kinds of things that should be super commonplace in the US, right? The thing is, they're not as common as you'd think. 

For a long time, if you wanted one, the Toyota Sienna was the only game in town. Now, that's not the case because the delightful Chrysler Pacifica is getting it bringing it to buyers who just can't wait with to the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Launch Edition.

Now, to clarify, we've known that the refreshed 2021 Pacifica would have available all-wheel drive. Still, it would seem that the folks from Chrysler just couldn't contain themselves and are offering this 2020 model with AWD ahead of the 2021 model's official launch later this year. 

What does going for the AWD Launch Edition get you? Well, to start, there's the obvious (all-wheel drive) that happens to be able to deactivate itself when not needed, but also it brings along a bunch of blacked-out trim, dark-colored 18-inch wheels and some special badging. It's only available on the Pacifica Touring L model, too, which means giving up a few creature comforts when compared to the Limited trim, but that doesn't mean it'll be a big all-wheel drive penalty box either.


Your neighbors are going to be super jealous when you're out setting hot laps int he freezing cold.


Of note is that while this isn't Chrysler's first all-wheel drive minivan -- that was the 1992 Town & Country, for those of you keeping score at home -- it is the first one to hit dealers in 16 long years, which makes it pretty significant.

Now, of course, the minivan form factor isn't the sales powerhouse than it once was -- everyone is crazy for SUVs and crossovers these days -- but the added practicality and all-weather usability that AWD will bring should help eat into those SUV sales a little.

If you just have to be the first parent on your block to be able to pull big, silly minivan powerslides in the abandoned lot next to Walmart, then the Pacifica AWD Launch Edition is available for order now for just over $41,735, including Chrysler's $1,495 whopper of a destination charge.

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