2019 Lexus RC shows off freshened face ahead of Paris debut

The enhancements go beyond mere aesthetics.

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If you were hoping the RC would move to Toyota's hot new TNGA platform, keep waiting.


didn't give the whole thing away, but it did give out a fair bit of information on its refreshed 2019 coupe ahead of its official debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show .

The 2019 RC looks a little different, but not too much. The arrow-shaped LED running lights have been integrated into the headlights -- they were separate elements on previous models. The lower front bumper has a bit more sculpting, too. The taillights have been adjusted so the LED "L" in the housing is more pronounced. There's also a new paint color, blue vortex metallic, on deck.

Lexus massaged the interior a little less than the exterior. The panels that house the audio and climate controls have a new finish, called Dark Gray Streamline, which will be standard equipment on F Sport models. The front row's knee pads were adjusted for aesthetic reasons, too, and that's about it.

The new RC should also handle a bit better, thanks to some engineering tweaks. Lexus made some adjustments to the suspension by way of new bushings and shock absorbers that prioritize heavier damping at low stroke speeds. There's also a new set of 19-inch wheels and tires, in addition to adjustments to the aerodynamics, both of which should improve grip a bit. Lexus promises it'll be the best-handling iteration of the RC to date.

As for everything else, well, Lexus won't give it up -- not yet, at least. When it comes to the powertrain or anything else under the car's sheet metal, Lexus is making us wait until the car's debut. Just like us, you'll have to wait with bated breath until October, when Lexus pulls back the veil at the Paris Motor Show.

2019 Lexus RC gets a little nip and a little tuck

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