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Buick Regal gets luxurious Avenir treatment

Buick's new Regal is already impressing us here in the States, and next year it's set to get a boost with the introduction of a luxurious Avenir trim.

Buick's new Regal is certainly turning a lot of heads. Whether in Sportback or TourX (wagon) flavor, the latest iteration of this iconic model is the best-looking Buick we've seen in years -- and we won't even fault it for starting its life as an Opel. It's comfortable, competent, practical and luxurious, and now it's getting some more cred in that last category.

Meet the Buick Regal Avenir, the latest addition to the brand's growing fleet of top-shelf models. Buick aspirationally calls Avenir a "sub-brand" and hopes for it to evolve to the stature of stablemate Denali. For now, you can think of it as an additional step up on the options ladder sheet. In this case, it'll slot in above the Regal's Preferred II trim.

What do you get? Well, for starters, the Regal Avenir will only be available on the Sportback trim. Sorry, wagon-lovers. Beyond that, it will only be available with the 250-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder motor, and only in the front-wheel drive configuration.

The Regal Avenir gets fancy shmancy quilted leather seats.


If you're willing to live without all-wheel drive, you'll find yourself in a car with numerous exclusive niceties like pivoting, LED headlights, quilted leather seats and bespoke 19-inch wheels. Rear cross-traffic alert is standard, as is rear park assist and blind spot warnings. However, niceties like adaptive cruise and lane-keeping assistance, plus GM's digital rear-view mirror, will still be optional.

No word on pricing just yet, but Buick has confirmed the car will hit dealerships this fall.