Acura recalls 967 NSXs over concerns of possible fires

Acura is replacing the affected NSX models' twin fuel tanks, though no fires have yet been reported.

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The NSX had its fuel crossover hose installed improperly at the factory, which can lead to a slow, prolonged fuel leak.

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Let's face it, Acura doesn't sell that many of its (frankly awesome) midengined, turbocharged all-wheel-drive hybrid-electric supercars, so when the company issues a recall, it's not going to be a big one. That's certainly the case with a fuel system-related recall the company issued this week that affects only 967 cars.

The recall deals with a crossover hose between the NSX's twin fuel tanks that was improperly installed at the factory and can cause a slow fuel leak, which, over time, increases the risk of a vehicle fire. Thankfully Acura doesn't have any reports of any NSXs actually bursting into flames but it's alerting owners anyway.

The fix for the fuel hose involves the replacement of both of the NSX's fuel tanks, so it's not exactly a small job, but it won't cost the customer anything. Acura will begin notifying owners of the affected 2017 and 2018 models by phone soon and by mail starting in early November. If you own an NSX and want to know if your car is affected before Acura gets around to calling you, you can check your VIN at the Acura Recall website.

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