This smart wallet easily consolidates your credit cards into one

The Wocket is a stand-alone smart wallet that costs $180.

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The smart wallet securely keeps all of your credit card information in one place.

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Anyone who's ever lost a wallet knows the pain of having to cancel credit cards, and the subsequent anxiety of hoping your identity doesn't get stolen. The Wocket is a smart and secure way to avoid this hassle. It's available in the US, UK and AU and costs $180, which converts to £120 and AU$250.

The smart wallet might look kind of like a beeper from the '90s, thanks to its small rectangular shape that has a wide, basic LCD screen on it. Don't be fooled though, it's a relatively new product and an updated version with NFC capabilities is slated to drop sometime in Q1.

The idea is that it's supposed to completely replace your wallet. What you do is you swipe your credit cards using an included card reader (it's kind of like the Square one) to upload your information onto the device and then organize them by category. The categories include credit, debit, loyalty and miscellaneous.

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You can also store gift cards, passwords, and notes, as well as manually enter the numbers on a QR code or barcode. For example, if you have a ticket to an event, you can store the barcode information into the Wocket and it'll generate a scannable barcode on its screen so you can ditch the paper tickets at home.

After your info is digitally stored inside of the Wocket, when you need to use one, you simply select it using the touchscreen menu, then it'll load all of the information on a credit card that's securely stored in-between the Wocket and the removable card holder-like pocket.


The three parts that compose the Wocket.

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The back pocket is small and can only accommodate a driver's license and maybe a few bills. Soon the company will launch a line of various accessories, including some for hitting the gym, so anyone who doesn't want to completely ditch a traditional wallet design doesn't have to.

To ensure anyone else can't access your info, you select a pin code during the set-up process. The card itself also has a tamper-proof, encrypted chip. This means, if you ever lose it, instead of dealing with your credit card company's fraud department, you're only out the $180 you paid for it.