The Sobro Side Table is packed with sophisticated features.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Most bedroom nightstands can't do much. That's not the case with the new $900 Sobro Side Table, which was on display Saturday at the International Home and Housewares Show here in Chicago. (That price converts to about £650 or AU$1,145.)

Its top surface has areas to charge phones and smartwatches wirelessly. It's also festooned with ports. On the list are connections for USB, USB-C, plus standard 120V power outlets.

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The top of the Sobro Side Table has wireless charging zones for phones and other gadgets. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

And like Storebound's other sophisticated piece of furniture, the $1,000 Sobro Coffee Table, the Side Table packs other useful hardware. It has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios on board. That means you'll be able to play music through the table wirelessly thanks to integrated stereo speakers. You can even link two Side Tables together and combine both into a larger stereo speaker set.

Color-changing LED lights sit on the table's front and back as well. Commanded by a motion sensor, the front lights operate primarily as a night light. LEDs on the back of the table can either set the mood or simulate sunrise for a gentle morning awakening.

There are color-changing LED lights on the back (here) and front of the table.

Chris Monroe/CNET

To lull you into a restful slumber, Storebound says the table can pump out white noise. You'll be able to control all the Side Table's abilities through a companion mobile app as well. 

There's even a cooler drawer designed to store beverages. According to Storebound, the refrigeration system is thermoelectric (it doesn't have a compressor) so should function silently.

The Sobro Side Table has a mini, silent fridge too.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Storebound plans to ship the Sobro Side Table by October 2018 for $900. Backers of the product's Indigogo campaign, however, might be able to snag a unit for $299. (As always with crowdfunding campaigns, be sure you know before you pledge whether you can get a refund.)