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With Ultra HD Blu-ray almost here it seems that the sun has almost set on regular old Blu-ray. The manufacturers that still make players tend to opt for display-free plastic boxes that can be easily piled in mesh bins at your local Best Buy. It would be crazy for a company to release a high-end HD Blu-ray player now wouldn't it?

Always the company with the impish, contrary streak, Sony has chosen 2016 -- after years of making those same plastic boxes -- to release a flagship 1080p Blu-ray player again. And hey, it has a display!


The reason why now? Unlike Samsung and Panasonic, Sony is not announcing an Ultra HD Blu-ray player here at CES 2016, and so its UHP-H1 is relying on that other Sony stand-by: hi-res.

The UHP-H1 is a premium video player which purports to be a premium audio player with support for all your existing audio disk formats -- CD, DVD-Audio, SACD -- in addition to streaming music in 24bit/192kHz.

It offers Bluetooth streaming to LDAC-compatible headphones or speakers (read: Sony branded) as well as offering streaming from Sony's PlayStation Now gaming service.

The player can be connected via SongPal to other Sony audio products to playback CDs and other music files stored on USB memory for wireless Multi-room listening.

The Sony UHP-H1 will be available in the US in Spring 2016 for $350.

  • 1080p resolution with 4K upscaler
  • Dual band 802.11n wi-fi and Ethernet
  • Dual HDMI outputs