SkyBell's Plug-in Camera will hang out on your wall outlets

Have a wall outlet? Attach SkyBell's handy Plug-In Camera for portable HD live streaming.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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SKyBell's new Plug-In Camera watches over what's happening inside your home.


Smart doorbell maker SkyBell announced a new product at CES 2018  -- the $199 Plug-in Camera (roughly £145/AU$250, converted). As its name suggests, the Plug-In camera attaches directly to any wall outlet for power. That also means it's pretty easy to move around the house (without having to worry about battery life). 

Here's a list of the Plug-In Camera's features:

  • Motion sensor
  • 1080p HD resolution
  • 180-degree field of view  
  • Microphone and speaker for two-way talk
  • Alerts
  • Free event-based cloud storage. 

This SkyBell camera shares its design with the round HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. But, instead of it acting as a replacement to your traditional door buzzer, the Plug-In cam is supposed to be used on a wall outlet (either indoors or out). SkyBell says you can also use it as a chime if you also have its HD buzzer. It also has an integrated button you can press to send an alert to (and talk with) anyone with access to that camera, which could be a useful application for children or elderly family members. 

The concept reminds me somewhat of Logitech's Circle 2 cam, which has a plug-in option, as well as a variety of other accessories. 

SkyBell's Plug-In Camera will be available for sale in early 2018.

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